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Comeback! (ばんかい!, Bankai!) is the 5th episode of Maesetsu!: Opening Act.


Due to the recent slump caused by their fiasco performance at the onsen, Junki takes the girls on a tour around the region to help inspire the girls.


Right before daybreak, Junki contacts Ubuno. He informs her and the girls that he's going to take them on a trip. Later, Junki takes the group to another onsen, which he proclaims is a "special" one. The girls including, Ubuno bath in the outdoor bath there and as they do, witness a beautiful sunrise over the horizon.

After this, on Junki's suggestion, the group enjoy the onsen specialty a deep-fried boiled egg. Although the group is hesitant to try it at first, once they try it they note it's a tasty treat. Their next stop is a village station, where it's known for its Shingen Mochi; sadly, however, it's out of stock. Although disheartened by the out of the stock item, Mafuyu inquires the worker there about the store mascot. The worker details that the mascot is a pigeon named Poppo-Chan. On route to their next destination, Mafuyu voices her regrets on not being able to try any Shingen Mochi. At the next place, Rin and Nayuto are treated to some sweet potatoes by a kind vendor. While pouring herself some coffee, Rin has an epiphany for their next act.

The group continues their excursion and returns to the village shop where the Shingen Mochi is sold out again. For lunch, the girls have Raho noodles, a specialty of the restaurant they dine at, while Junki has tonkatsu and cabbage.

Back at the onsen, the Mafuyu details that all of the places they visited that day, had excellent sources of material. Reviewing over said material they picked up, Junki and Ubuno stand by and observe, noting the success of their plan. Hajime also states her satisfaction with the results as well.

Meanwhile, Manatsu and Kanae perform in front of a couple of friends of there's. Once it's over, Kanae is told by Manatsu that she informed her sister about their newly formed Owarai. She, however, didn't pay attention to the statement, therefore, Manatsu decides to tell her sister again at a later date. Also, Manatsu suggests they practice their introduction together using JK Cool's pose. Although Kanae is hesitant to do so, Manatsu still insists they do it and as she does it, Eru of JK Cool just so happens to walk by.

Returning to the onsen, Nafuyu asks her sister for a plastic bag in preparation for the performance later that night. Even though, Nafuyu is anxious her sister Hajime wishes her good luck. As it turns out, both Tokonatsu and R凸's performances were a hit with the crowd and the group performance with Ubuno and Junki was a hit too.

After the performance, Hajime thanks the group for their gig, detailing how funny she thought it was. She then has a heart-to-heart with her sister.