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Business! (えいぎょう!, Eigyō!) is the 4th episode of Maesetsu!: Opening Act.


Due to the sudden drop out of a troupe that regularly performed at Nafuya's sister's onsen inn, the girls are invited to perform there in their place. The crowd at the onsen inn, however, proves to be a tough group of people to impress.


Getting a call from Nayuta sister who runs an onsen inn, the girls are invited to said onsen to perform there. They're driven to the place by Junki who's also accompanied by Ubuno. As they're driven to the onsen, Junki gleefully sings a song, while Nayuta details to Ubuno a bit about said onsen and her sister's background. Thanks to Mafuyu, the group take a detour at a restaurant called Red Fuji to try their homemade Hōtō. Everyone enjoys their noodles, but although Junki enjoys his noodles the most, he's notably overwhelmed by the spiciness of his. Nayuta then informs the group how the entertainment group that regularly performs at the onsen dropped out due to catching the flu. Hearing this, Mafuyu believes that they'll make a killing out there, but Rin thinks Mafuyu is being overconfident. Just as the group pays for their bill, Mafuyu notices that Rin has line marks on her face. Upon hearing about this, Junki at first is believed to be upset by Rin being a copy cat, however, he's actually happy that Rin is also intrigued by such an act.

Finally arriving at the onsen inn called the Kikori Mizuho and are greeted by Nayuta's sister Hajime Nakama. Wasting no time, she invites the group into the onsen while stating to Nayuta that she's counting on her. A tad hesitantly, Nayuta says she understands.

Meanwhile, Manatsu and Kanae watch funny comedy videos together. One of the videos they watch is on JK Cool. As they watch the video, Manatsu details JK Cool's background like how to rose to fame after winning a school contest to Kanae. Amid that discussion, the Eru ad Arashi walk close by them discussing one of their gigs. When they're out of sight, Manatsu wonders how her sister and friends are doing at the Onsen. Initially, Mafuyu and Fubuki, are enjoying bathing in one of the Onsen, until Rin interrupts it stating they need to have a group meeting. During said meeting, the owarai groups discuss what topics they'll use in their performances and the order they'll go in.

By the time of the performance, R凸 goes first and they act floated like a led balloon as does, Tokonatsu. However, Freak!'s performance was well-received by the audience, which disheartens the girls, Nayuta especially.