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Thrills! (かいかん!, Kaikan!) is the 2nd episode of Maesetsu!: Opening Act.


After deciding to take part in the upcoming New Comedy King Playoffs, the girls perform a gig in the cafe/deli they frequent as preperation.


Rin and Nayuta are informed by their senior co-workers Junki and Ubuno that they'll be performing in the New Comedy King Playoffs. When asked by Nayuta how long the two have been performing together, Junki answers two years. Impressed that they've been together that long, Junki details to Nayuta it's really been two years since they found an agent together. Furthermore, Ubuno states that they're really provisionally attached to the agency Yoshimoto Kogyo. Which denotes the fact that Rin and Nayuta aren't "Human" yet, much to their dismay.

Later that day at The Baron, Rin and Nayuta relay to Fubuki and Mafuyu about what they learned from their seniors. Upon reading the Eligibility Requirements, Rin denotes that JK Cool will certainly perform in it as well. This inspires the group to enter the contest as well. Also, noting their senior Junki's advice that, "You're not even newbies or humans without an agent," Rin and Mafuyu decide they'll also get agents too. On the other hand, Fubuki and Nayuta talk them out of it, thus as a compromise, Mafuyu suggests they do a show before the deadline of the event. It's then that the owner of the cafe suggests his place as a venue for their comedy act and they agree to it.

That night, Rin creates a poster for their upcoming gig while remembering when she first got acquainted with Nayuta. Eventually, the two of them form the owarai R凸. Once the poster is finished, Rin shows it to the group and they're impressed with it. Rin then asks the owner what's the maximum compacity of the cafe and he answers that it's forty. With each of them tasked with getting ten people each to attend, they then review what acts they'll perform. But what's accentuated is the price of the admission, which the proposed fee is believed to be too cheap by Mafuyu. However, Rin and Nayuta argue contrary, believing that the admission fee is fair. Just then, the clock on Fubuki's phone notifies her that it's time for Mafuyu and her to head to work and before leaving, Mafuyu pays for their drinks.

Afterward, as Rin and Nayuta walk home, Nayuta asks Rin if she's serious about entering the New Comedy King Playoffs. To that, Rin answers that she is, which doesn't surprise Nayuta whatsoever. Nayuta then recalls herself being hesitant to follow Rin in a comedic endeavor, which caused R凸 to take a year-long hiatus. However, Rin has no regrets, since, during that hiatus, she learned a lot, especially that Nayuta is the only one for her. With that in mind, they register for the New Comedy King Playoffs under their owarai name. Eventually, the two of them approach Ubuno and Junki to have them buy tickets to the event, but they decline as Mafuyu and Fubuki already asked them. Time passes by and the group advertises their show around town while, in-between, practice their skits.

On the day of the performance, a large crowd attends including Manatsu and Kanae. Both Junki and Ubuno are also in attendance and Junki states that the groups are selling merchandise there as well. It's figured that the idea to sell merchandise there was by Rin. The show then starts and Tokonatsu goes first and their act is well received. R凸 then goes next and their act is also well received. In the following act, they do a group performance which another well-received hit with the audience. After the show, Manatsu and Kanae compliment the girls' performance, as does Junki and Ubuno. Back inside the cafe, the girls have a small celebration of the success of their gig. Much to Fubuki's dismay, she learns that an embarrassing candid photo was taken of her and was sold as merchandise. As a gift to the girls, the owner of the cafe gives them a free stack of pancakes.