Comedy! (おわらい!, Owarai!) is the 1st episode of Maesetsu!: Opening Act.


An introduction to the main characters Mayfuyu, Fubuki, Rin, and Nayuta is given. All of them aspiring comedians who thanks to a last-minute drop out during a Culture Festival are allowed to perform on-stage. Their air band performance is a stellar hit, but the sequential act flops.


As a result of watching an Owarai, a young Mafuyu Kogarashi dreams of becoming one too.

In the present, Shoko-Yono High School holds its 72nd Culture Festival. During one of the events at the Festival, comedy duos Tokonatsu and RDeco hit the main stage. They all then perform a song together all while using air instruments. Their performance is a stellar hit with the audience, however, Mafuyu's sequential solo act flops.

Outside of the stage, Mafuyu is counseled by her friends on why her act flopped so badly, much to her chagrin. The group is then approached by Mafuyu's sister Manatsu Kogarashi and her friend, Kanae Kanari. Immediately, Mafuyu has an outburst aimed at Manatsu claiming it's her fault her performance failed. A flashback showing Mafuyu and group member Fubuki Kitakaze review their act together, until Manatsu contacts Mafuyu. She begs her sister for a favor to replace the afternoon act who was recently hospitalized. Although the time dictates that the time for the afternoon act is closing in, the two decide to do it as an opportunity for their new bit. But, their plan won't work as well, without the help from Rin Araya and Nayuta Asōgi.

Back in the present, Mafuyu, Rin, and Manatsu have a brief argument on who's to blame for their on-stage fiasco amongst each other. Just then the owarai group JK Cool comprised of the duo Eru Kusaba and Arashi Waraino. They're known as the winners of the prior year's High-School Comedy contest and were since scouted by comedy conglomerate Yoshimoto Kogyo. Lamenting the disparity between the talent between them and JK Cool, Mafuyu suggests they continue on as an Airband. Manatsu and Kanae then sincerely thank the group for their last-minute help and promise to have their respective groups perform on stage in the future.

Afterward, inside the cafe/deli called The Baron, the girls continue discussing their stage event at the culture festival. The conversation then shifts to when Mafuyu and Fubuki were both still in high-school and a flashback from three years ago is shown. It depicts how the two made their start as comedians doing small gags in between classes. Furthermore, the act that Mayfuyu performed on stage earlier that day was done before in the past and that act bombed as well. They did, however, perform in the High-School Comedy contest, but only made it to the preliminary round. This though did not discourage them from continuing to pursue a comedic career. Rin's watch then sets off, signaling Nayuta and her that it's time for their late-shift part-time jobs. Right when Mayfuyu has a mini-meltdown as Nayuta and Rin leave, a server presents Mafuyu and Fubuki with a complimentary Sweet-Bean Dumpling soup.

Both Kanae and Manatsu pack up for the day and talk about how they'll have Tonkanatsu perform next year. They're then approached by Ms. Hirano, who details to them that she was Mafuyu's 2nd and 3rd-year homeroom teacher. She recalls when Mayfuyu first performed the same comedic act in her classroom. Ms. Hirano states that Mafuyu's act that was an impression of an anime character impersonating another anime character was funny and heartily laughs. Figuring that Ms. Hirano was being kind for her sister's sake, Manatsu is reassured by the teacher that was not the case. In fact, the act grew on her over the years and asks for the two girls to relay a message to Mafuyu. That is to keep doing their best and they agree to do it.

Meanwhile, Mafuyu and Fubuki talk with each other by a stairway about their next comedy routine act. This reminds them of when they failed to make it past the preliminary round of the Comedy Contest back when they were in High School. With that in mind, Fubuki suggests they revise Mafuyu's failed "Train Door" gag. As they talk about the revision, Manatsu and Kanae approach them. They thank both comedians once again for their help that day and Mafuyu does a small impression that makes Kanae laugh. Manatsu then relays Ms. Hirano's message to the two

At their part-time job, Rin asks Nayuta over to her house to help her with an assignment due the next day. Nayuta pleasantly comments on what she'll do with Rin. Elsewhere, as night settles in, Mafuyu and Fubuki walk home, happy to hear Ms. Hirano is supporting them. It's then that Mafuyu gets an epiphany that her train door gag will pick up with people if she does it enough times in front of an audience. However, Fubuki's realistic admonishment deeply scorns Mafuyu, leaving her distraught. Taking a bath in her home, Fubuki reflects on the train door gag and starts to giggle.

The following day at work, the girls' senior co-worker Junki Tomita states hearing about a big hit and miss at the Culture Festival. This prompts senior co-worker Ubuno Hatsuna to be more considerate to their juniors. Mafuyu, on the other hand, thinks nothing of it and asks Fubuki if she knows of what's called a "chuckle gag".


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